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Bruce Fielding

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    Bruce Almighty
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    Chartered accountant

Mental health and well-being is important to all of us and like so many things, a good start in life is a great advantage. But for some young people they might not get that advantage but for the help they get from Youth Focus.

The team at Youth Focus do amazing work supporting young people get on track with their lives. I've met many of them and they're amazing human beings with a real passion for their work and the young people they support turn out to be equally amazing human beings with a real insight developed through challenging adversity.

With 4 grandchildren and 2 more on the way (hopefully bouncing them on my knee by the time the 2020 HR4Y begins!) I've got a vested interest in seeing young people supported and doing well.

This will be my 10th Hawaiian Ride for Youth - and probably my last, although I've got no doubt I'll be involved in some other way going forward.

Please support this excellent cause.

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