Goal $2,000,000

2020 | Five year riders and support crew

Congratulations on five years in the community

In a year of firsts, we would also like to take this opportunity to virtually acknowledge those riders and support crew who would have been embarking on their fifth Hawaiian Ride for Youth.

Traditionally, these riders and support crew would have received a keepsake keychain at the Ride cocktail party (usually held in April) to signify their steadfast and enduring commitment to the Hawaiian Ride for Youth and Youth Focus.

Thank you all for continuing to be a part of the ride that has the young at heart.

Rider Number First Name Surname 2020*
98 Shaun McRobert R
256 Robert Parker R
281 Peter Burgess SC
282 Simon Carroll R
293 Rich Hayers R
327 Stephen Wicks R
329 Michael Young R
335 Fiona Cumming R
338 Learne Durrington R
354 Darren Schenk R
356 Gary Smith R
357 Carole Steketee SC
362 Deb White SC
Support Crew May Coleman SC
Support Crew Alistair Dixon SC
Support Crew Sally Stobie SC

*event cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic