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Hello to all
Day 2 - Tuesday
We road to North Albany Senior High School with a police escort. How cool did we feel. Great talking to the kids. Then on to Denmark high school and these kids asked some really good questions like 'what should I do if a friend needs help'. Remarkable someone so young would ask, they would be a great friend to have.
We then started the journey to Walpole where we are staying tonight.
The ride was picturesque but so very hard. Hills. I dislike hills immensely. The pace was on and I found it real tough. Had a few 'hands of god' along the way. I love those people. Not only do they get themselves up the hill, they help someone else get up the hill. Truly remarkable. Walpole accommodation couldn't have come sooner. I was done.
A swim in a pool that was nearly at freezing point (Sue dived in and I have never seen someone's breath taken away quite like that). Good for recovery though.
Dinner was in a community hall and awards given out. Guess who was awarded King of the Mountain for the day. Yes, me. I blubbered as you would all expect and am so very proud.
Big, big day tomorrow. Longest kilometres of any day and will wear my king of the mountain shirt with pride. Hopefully it helps me up those awful hills.
Love to all.

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