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Simon Moir

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    Working with businesses to make them better.

I grew up in the wheatbelt on a sheep and wheat farm before moving to Perth when I was 8. Since then I have lived entirely in Perth but traveled throughout much of regional Australia, spent a few years in the WA Police (driving fast) and now the Managing Director of the business that Jodie and I work in every day.

Over the years mental illness, depression and suicide is something that I have seen from every facet. I suffered clinical depression for a part of my late 20's but in the Police I saw its true effects on the individual, the families and the greater community. Last year the reality hit home as one our kids lost a good friend when they didn't know where to turn.

This is a cause that I am passion about, our young people need to have the resources available to them to help them navigate an upbringing that is exponentially more complex than what mine was.

This will be my first time back on the bike in 16 years and I did it coming in weighing a fair nudge over 100kgs.

It means getting up at 4.30am twice weekdays (I am not a morning person) and 5am Saturdays. It means riding over 700km in 4.5 days in late March and missing Nico's 18th birthday (that part guts me) but this is something we all (who have the physical means) should do!

If you can give something then that would be so amazing and if not your words of encouragement mean the world to me.

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