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Roger Blow

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    DJ Rogue
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    Solicitor / DJ

As I start my 5th Ride for Youth campaign it is a supreme confidence that this charity does vital work, every week of every year, to help WA kids cope with issues of depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts that has me back each year to train, coach riders, raise mental health awareness and most importantly help raise the funds to make that work possible.

There are so many things that we can't change. Sometimes the cards that we get dealt aren't fair. But I have a deep conviction that there is not a single young person in Western Australia that is holding cards that say that they should just cope with depressive episodes without professional help, or even more tragically dictate that they should one day take their own life. That's never an OK outcome, because I believe that with the right help and support each and every youth suicide is preventable.

As a community we can directly make a difference to this problem by financially empowering those trained to help our kids by delivering the mental health support that they need, for as long as they need it. That is the core mission of Youth Focus. To teach coping mechanisms to those struggling and to simply be a person to listen when they feel like no-one else can or will. So please hit donate on the button and join me in literally saving young lives. Do also feel very welcome to drop me an email to if you would like to receive updates on the event this year as we train for the 700+km journey in March 2019. I'd love to hear from you and to say a personal thank you for your donation.

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