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I am a 61 year old MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra), although middle aged may be gilding the lily a bit. I have a wife Barbara, 6 adult children and one beautiful granddaughter.
I also had a brother, Mark, who took his own life. When I was given the opportunity to do the Hawaiian Ride for Youth, I took up the challenge, with much trepidation I must admit, but the Ride has become a very important part of my life. Many people ask why? The answer is simple - partly to remember Mark, but mostly as a reflection of seeing my 6 kids come through their teenage years relatively unscathed. I realise that Barbara and I have been very lucky, and I also realise that many families are not in that same position.
2019 will see me complete my 9th consecutive Ride and my second as Chair of the Hawaiian Ride for Youth Organising Committee. It will also see Barbara complete her 5th Ride as a massage therapist, and it will also be the first Ride for Gemma, one of our daughters.
But ultimately I do this to raise money. Undertaking the Hawaiian Ride for Youth allows me raise vital funds to help Youth Focus provide vital support services to our challenged youth. I also see it as way of raising awareness of mental illness in the broader community and hopefully assist reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.
Please dig deep to support us in our work.

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