Goal $1,800,000

Mark Grzanka

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    Project Manager

Dave Weir, one of the worst blokes I know, asked me to join him and get involved with the Ride For Youth. Knowing all funds raised are for an incredibly good cause, I put aside the punishing amount of time I'd have to spend with Dave and accepted.

The Youth Focus charity provides a range of free mental health services and support to teens, young adults and their families suffering from depression, anxiety, self harm and suicide. The fast paced nature of the digital age has seen mental health issues in society grow exponentially and this is about doing something for our most vulnerable members of society, kids.

I'm a bit light on detail for the actual ride, all I know is I'll be riding from Albany to Perth over 5 days, with Dave sitting on my wheel the entire way. I'll also be doing my bit for the senior citizen community as Dave and I have been appointed carers for two geriatrics, Mark Lynn and Mark Jenkins, for the duration of the Ride For Youth.

There are a lot of worthy causes out there so no problem at all if you cannot donate but anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

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