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2019 is my second Ride For Youth, this year with Team WESFARMERS on the mid west route and you might be wondering (particularly when you look at my profile pic) what would possibly make me want to come back and do it all again!

Yep sure last year I got peer group pressured into nairing my legs, and almost expired on day two last year climbing up to Pemberton. But what was reinforced on the actual ride post thousands of km's of training was the importance of the cause and the positive impact the ride brings.

The ride week continues to bring much needed awareness to the very important issue of mental health in our youth by visiting regional schools and communities to spread the message. And the $$$$$$ that YOU contribute provide the ongoing infrastructure to support these kids with a range of things like funding counselors at these schools.

So please give generously and feel good about making a contribution to helping the at risk youth in our society.

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