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*Update 12th March
1 week to go!! I have hit 5000km of training done. I am ready
*Update 19 Feb 2018 - New year - 3500km completed - 4 weeks to go!
I have broken down an agreed to get my legs waxed for the ride in March, Our team captain and head coach decided I didn't look tired enough so I got put into P1 Training just before christmas - essentially just flog myself harder with the fastest guys all week now - can confirm sore ass :)
*Update 11th December 2600km of training complete
I'm tired, Christmas is coming not that Christmas equals a break!
*Update 6th October - Trial ride has been completed in lovely (pissing with rain and windy) conditions. Official Training kicks off shortly - at least its sunny! We have been given our ride route today - Mid West. From what I can see it is Geraldton to Perth - nice and easy all downhill
Because we all like writing about ourselves.......................... So instead I will make this a diary of sorts about my journey.
This biography will evolve while I prepare for the ride - right now my motivation to complete the ride is my wife and 2 daughters.
My wife's sibling took her own life.
My eldest daughter although not even a teen has been counselled for severe anxiety
I have my own history of manic depression (maybe I'll talk about this one later down the road)
18th September 2017 - We have our 1st ride this weekend to sort out who is fit and who is not (I think I fall into the less fit category, I guess we will see) only 60km to start maybe they are being nice ha ha
So lets consider this as to be continued.....................

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