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Richard Shillington

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The 2018 Ride for Youth will be my first and with most of the well crafted training programme completed, hopefully I’m up for the challenge of ride week.

Our team will be riding from Albany to Perth stopping at regional high schools to engage with students on issues including youth suicide, depression and self-harm, as well as the services that Youth Focus provides.

There is a lot to be gained from a personal viewpoint (lost kilos included), however at the root of this event is the need to raise awareness for Youth Focus and the connection between the funds raised and the services that will continue to flow out of it. Youth Focus provide a range of early intervention and prevention services, aimed at supporting young people and their families to overcome the issues associated with suicide, depression, anxiety and self-harm.

Our team fund raising is tracking well, however with your support we can continue to raise the bar and we hope to make this a reality. The cost of running the event is covered by each rider’s personal investment and therefore 100% of your donation goes to Youth Focus.

Any support that you are able to provide will be very much appreciated by me but more importantly by the individuals and families that will benefit through your input.

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