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I am a father to six wonderful children ranging in age between 20 and 34, I have one beautiful 5 year old granddaughter and I am also married to Barbara.

Many people ask me why I do the Ride - well the answer is simple.

While I recognise how blessed Barbara and I are to have such a well balanced family, I am touched by the fact that many other families are not quite as lucky as we have been and my resolve to make a difference through the Hawaiian Ride for Youth is continually strengthened.

However, in gaining an understanding of the Youth Focus ideals, it brought back the memory of the anguish caused by a brother who took his own life some 25 years ago, albeit not as a youth.

This really brought home the importance of the Hawaiian Ride for Youth, and the vital work that Youth Focus does in our community and I decided that I wanted to participate in the 2011 Ride.

I am now preparing for ride number 8 and have also taken on the challenging role of Chairman of the Ride Committee. In 2018, I will again be joined by Barbara who will be supporting me and the Ride for the fourth time as a massage therapist.

From a purely personal perspective I can say that I am now probably fitter than I have ever been and have come to accept that getting out of bed at 4:30am, 4 or 5 times a week, sometimes in the cold, wet and dark, is the new paradigm.

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