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Dr. Phil here (the real one, not the fake one from the US you see on telly).

I have decided to humble myself yet again by wearing lycra and riding a bicycle 7500km over the metro area for the next 6 months culminating in a 700km ride from Albany to Perth presenting at schools along the way to help raise awareness of youth suicide and mental health. This always raises some issues and can be quite volatile.
A particular highlight of the five years I have participated was during my presentation at the Collie Senior High School, I ended up chairing an amazing session of mental health Q&A. Those young people are doing it tough but they are DOING it and hungry for life skills to help themselves.

I call it "cycle therapy” - its the ultimate win/win I get fit, challenge myself, meet some really interesting people, whilst raising funds and sharing tales with some great young people.

So I’m asking you to dig deep and help me raise some much needed funds to help stem the rising tide of young people who are committing suicide, self-harming, and suffering from depression. Some of you will be all too aware from your own, a family member's or mate’s experience. So please help if you can

Did you know?
• More people die as a result of suicide each year in Australia than there are fatalities on our roads
• Suicide accounts for 1 in 4 deaths in the 12-25 year age group
• On average we lose one young Western Australian to suicide a week
• Almost one third of young people will have had an episode of mental ill health by the age of 25

• All your money goes to Youth Focus a unique independent not for profit organisation that supports vulnerable young people in Western Australia by offering a range of mental health services ranging across early intervention and prevention services free of charge, aimed at supporting young people and their families to overcome the issues associated with suicide, depression and self-harm.
• I am donating $1500 up front therefore every cent of your money will go to the cause as it is the rider’s responsibility to pay for the costs associated with organising the event
• I am also donating my free time, blood sweat and tears. this is a huge personal commitment I have agreed to get out of bed before 5am 3 days a week and wear Lycra with another bunch of certifiable ladies and gentlemen
• Like you some of the riders have personal stories to share, others have more general insights, but it gets people thinking and talking about this great taboo.
• Sooooo, if you see a middle aged bloke with grey hair wearing lycra riding a bicycle at ungodly hours of the morning please don’t run him over as it could be me!

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