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Mathew Collings

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    Metallurgist & Associate - RCF

I've always found cycling a fantastic way to clear my head and de-stress, ever since high school. The ride for youth lets me combine an activity that has helped me immensely over time with fund raising for an important cause in Youth Focus.

Suicide is the BIGGEST killer of young Australians. 391 people aged 15-24 took their own life in 2015. One in 35 children, or 112,000, ages 4-17 are estimated to experience a depressive disorder.

Everyone on the ride is committed to the cause, and all funds donated via this page will go directly to Youth Focus. Riders self funding our training and the ride itself through a $1500 entry fee. We will do 7000 km in training ahead of the 700 km ride itself, so a big commitment of time and money. Youth Focus spend 96 cents in every dollar on providing front line mental health services, with only 4c spent on admin and overheads.

Please help me to help out Youth Focus and young people in need across Western Australia.

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