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Katie Stewart

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    Accredited exercise physiologist and co-founder of The Exercise Therapist & The Thrive Clinic

I have four children. Based on current statistics there is a high probability that one will be challenged by poor mental health. That is a confronting thought. I want to ensure that all of my children and their friends have access to help and support when and if that time comes.

The mental health of our youth today is complex. There are many unknown variables.

What we do know is;

If they sleep well, have someone to talk to openly and honestly, exercise regularly and feel like they belong to something bigger than them, that their chances of suffering from depression and anxiety are greatly reduced.

I commit to the ride each year to raise money and awareness around these key communications in our communities. I feel that to take action and to help Youth focus so they can help children, is the best way to pay it forward for my children.

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