Goal $1,800,000

Jodie Perram

  • Nickname

    Jodes or JP
  • Occupation

    Director - Recruitment

I am mother of 2 and a business owner, but I am definitely NOT a cyclist! However I am passionate about empowering young people; I have been fortunate enough to help school aged children on their job hunting journey, but this is a whole different ball game....

Being able to say you know someone who has committed suicide is not a club that anyone wants to be a part of, but unfortunately depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicidal thoughts are issues that many young people experience. Youth Focus provides a free service to at-risk youth in an effort to work towards preventing youth suicide and I am so proud to be a part of this charity event (at the cost of my numb bum and vanity!)

I am aiming to raise as much money as possible and I am looking for your support! Dig deep people! Through this we can all help Youth Focus provide free, unlimited and professional face-to-face individual counselling and other mental health services to the many vulnerable young people in our lives.

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