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I think as we go through our adult lives we stumble across causes that we inherently believe in which, not only support our community, but also enhance our lives as individuals. It is that kind of cause that we can truly commit ourselves to.

I certainly never imagined I would grow up to be a lycra-clad-cyclist but I am definitely not surprised that, for me, one of those causes is supporting young people living with depression by riding in the Hawaiian Ride For Youth.

Maybe that's because I secretly love getting out of bed at 4:40am to get to training (Jokes! I've got my getting ready time down to 4:45am).

More likely, it's because for a decade I have lived the depression struggle. I know first-hand that, when it comes to mental illness, professional treatment and support is not just a benefit, but a necessity. With every fibre of my being, I believe we need to make mental health services readily available to young people and stop the increasing rates of suicide.

For that reason, I have signed up for round two.

Sebastian (my bike) and I will yet again travel 700kms from Albany to Perth to raise funds for Youth Focus. It's more fun than it sounds. I promise.

Last year I was overwhelmed by the generous support of my family, friends and colleagues and raised (individually) over $7,000 for Youth Focus.

I would love to be overwhelmed by your support again!

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