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Alan Tate

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I am not a renowned bike rider, but the core of participating in the Hawaiian Ride for Youth is to support the Youth Focus charity.. I have always been a donating supporter of the Youth Focus charity which I think is such a great cause and such a well run charity. So for the 2018 ride I have made the commitment to don the lycra shorts and started the training and in so doing seek donations also.
Why the Ride for Youth? Youth Focus's core goal is prevention of suicide in youth. Who hasn't been touched at some stage with the news of a young kid, with their life ahead of them, who for some unfathomable reason have taken their own life. Youth Focus are focused on preventing that from happening - with support, counselling and getting the message out.
Why the ride? - well it is not about riding 700kms in 4 1/2 days -it is about visiting regional schools - promoting the services available and the support that can be provided, and by the riders being there to show that they care enough and believe it is such an important issue that they are prepared to make the ride to their school.
So - if you think Youth Focus is a worthy cause and are able to provide a donation it would be greatly appreciated.

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