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Adam Sidebottom

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    Manager HSE

Having seen the impact of the Ride for Youth in previous years, I've decided to commit the time and go for it this year.

I am husband and father to three boys. Life is chaos but the work that Youth Focus do has really struck a chord with me and I'm happy to do my part to promote this wonderful cause.

When I reflect upon my own life experiences, I certainly wish that the services offered by Youth Focus were around when I was growing up in a pretty rough part of this city.

Life in the public school system in the eastern suburbs was pretty tough. "Mental Health" wasn't really a thing back then and I look back now and think how valuable it would have been to have an organisation like Youth Focus available to all those kids in need.

With my three boys heading into their teen years I'm honoured to be in a position to help raise funds for this wonderful cause.

Over the next 5 months 12 of us from Arc Infrastructure will all be riding at least 3000km in preparation to ride 700km in 5 days in March of 2018.

It’s a big challenge but the whole team are giving it all we have got in the hope that we can make a difference in someone’s life.

You’ll be happy to know that we cover all of our costs to participate in the ride, to ensure that every cent of your donation goes to Youth Focus which will enable them to provide free counselling to those in need.

Every donation helps with this effort and no amount is too little. Please give generously what you can and together we may change the life of a young West Australian.

Thank you very much for your donation I really appreciate your help and remember that you are helping to make a difference!!

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