Goal $1,800,000

Day Two: Coastal

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Today, the Coastal peloton cycled more than 130km from Walpole to Pemberton, in unseasonably warm weather.

The riders arrived at Pemberton District High School and were given a “rockstar” welcome by the students, who milled around the riders asking for their autographs – after a long ride in hot weather, the riders were so appreciative.

The riders were also very appreciative of the Years 9 & 10 Special Cooking Class’s lunch – the students had prepared and cooked a wonderful smorgasbord of delicious and nutritious delights.

After a few fun and games, Dr Phil Downing presented to the students. He shared a story of loss and talked about the importance of seeking help. The students were very engaged and asked a number of very meaningful and relevant questions about mental health.

The School Captains then presented a cheque of some funds raised in their free dress day.

The riders made their way back to their accommodation for well-deserved massages and relaxation before dinner and jersey presentations at the Pemberton Hotel.

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