Ride For Youth

A Youth Focus event for the prevention of youth suicide and depression
Hawaiian Ride For Youth 24 - 28 March 2015

Current Riders

As a condition of entry each Rider and Support Crew member commits to:

  • Raising $5000 in donations (riders)
  • Riding 700km from Albany to┬áPerth (riders)
  • Taking time off work and being away from family for a week to participate in the event
  • Training for 6 months, 3 days per week (riders)
  • Working with the team to set up and manage the Ride and all logistics (Support Crew)
  • Achieving all of this around their existing commitments to family, work and their community
Aaron Begley
Aaron White
Adrian Kluge
Alen Pazin
Allan O'Grady
Andrew Low
Andrew Ziepe
Ben Carter
Benjamin Holloway
Brad Walpole
Brendan Gorringe
Brett Althorpe
Brian Reilly
Bryce Houghton
Cameron Murray
Casey McClain
Chai Lim
Christopher Holloway
Clark Wight
Craige Pettit
David Gray
David Devenish
David Flanagan
David Kent
David Kyle
David Sierakowski
Dax Calder
Daymon Joseph
Frank Torre
Gavin Statham
George Boulazeris
Graham Iddles
Greg Evans
Greg Woodman
Heath Lewis
James Fuller
James Lush
James McClements
James Millen
Jessica Huston
Joe Miller
John Polinelli
John Gardner
Kiah Appleton
Lucia Di Lallo
Luke Carbon
Mark Batten
Mark Cockayne
Mark Sayers
mark sladden
Mark Slatter
Michelle Guy
Mitchell Wallace
Natasha Liddell
Paul Hopwood
Peter Dowling
Peter Trench
Richard Bevan
Rob Breden
Rob Newton
robert stephenson
Rod Druce
Roger Blow
Sarah Blunt
Simon Doig
Stephen Pettenon
Steve Ledger
Sue Nicholas
Terry Burnage
Tim Brown
Todd Colton
Tom Shannon
Tom Wilson
Tony King
Trent Lisle

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