Ride For Youth

A Youth Focus event for the prevention of youth suicide and depression

The Welcome Home - Saturday 31st March

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 11:08am

Well the big day had arrived, breakfast at 6.30 am which for some proved quite difficult!!!

Back we went to the Catch 22 restaurant and as the mayor could not join us this year we were joined by their councillor Darren Lee, a former professional cyclist who each year threatens to join us - a bit like our dear friend and supporter and MC Adrian Barich - only he has been threatening for ten years to join us!!

The ride in from Mandurah to Perth saw route A set off first ten minutes before Route B. Route B was joined by our dear friend Dr Ian Anderson with Val and Ben there to see him off and the Enjo Team and others wrapped themselves around him as he did what was an incredibly brave ride without his and our beloved Tim. We knew Tim was with us all the way and with every push of the pedals he was remembered by all.

The police escort picked us up at the causeway and what a sight we were as we were taken along Riverside Drive - all 500 people waiting in Kings Park could see the long 90 plus riders coming along the river on what was just a perfect day. What a sight as they came down Fraser avenue to Chariots of Fire and a cheering crowd with many of the children lining the road with lovely signs welcoming Mum or Dad home - emotional, that is the understatement for 2012.

The Premier welcomed them home and presented Hawaiian with their naming rights jersey, Hawaiians Damien Gordon presented the 22 team sponsors and supporter with their framed jerseys, riders received their framed certificates for completing the ride and then the big moment came and our RFY chairman, Adrian Kluge, presented Geoff Rasmussen and Jenny Allen with the cheque - crossed out the amount and turned it around to the crowd - a mammoth $1.873 million. Beyond everyone's wildest dreams - what a thrill and the fact that it will enable us to continue our thrust into the southwest, continue to assist with our core business of already looking after 1,000 young people and enable the Organisation to keep offering services to those often placed on wait lists all makes for a great result.

Then 450 People moved to our great supporters, Fraser's, with Chris Taylor continuing to assist this charity where we were able to enjoy the fabulous new facilities - it all made for such a great finish to an indescribable week with unbelievable and wonderful people and of course the amazing result - where per participant it is the highest bike ride fundraiser in this state and certainly we believe in the top 3 in Australia.

What an achievement - there are no words that can express how the participants feel, how the employees feel and how the young people that are supported through this fundraiser for Youth Focus feel - it is in a word absolutely fantastic and a feeling of enormous pride that is universal.

Until next year this is Jenny signing off so we can start planning all over again!!!

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