Ride For Youth

A Youth Focus event for the prevention of youth suicide and depression

Thursday night / Friday 30 March Route B

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 11:04am

After what was a fantastic stop in Collie and a really great nite at the Collie Ridge Motel with the usual fine masters in full swing at dinner, the winning of the jerseys as usual led to much speculation with the following people being recognized for their efforts over the past 24 hours. As usual the Poona as the week went by and the dread that one of us - (and that means riders or support crew) - might be in the firing line to win it as by now it is walking around by itself, bought about great laughter when our illustrious director Master Willow was decorated with it. The other winners of the more prestigious King of the Mountain - David James and Strongman Brad Walpole were very pleased with their wins.

I did forget to report the fantastic right of reply from Peter Trench who had basically told the captains that they were all ....kers and didn't need to be taking so long with their meetings, needed to get on with it and that all of them had let it go to their heads - this was taken up by the good doctor Gav Marsh the night before advising a somewhat derogatory diagnosis of our learned friend Peter Trench. Therefore, Peter enlisted the expertise of physician Dr Arthur Criddle to re-evaluate Gavins diagnosis and Arthur very cleverly and in medico terms destroyed Gavins diagnosis. All in all it was not only extremely clever but hilarious and we all thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the medical expertise on Route B!

Friday dawned and excitement reigned as we headed from Collie through what was considered the most picturesque part of the ride on route B - just beautiful countryside. We arrived in our next destination which was Harvey Senior High School to a small group of students who quickly became engaged with our school speakers, Sharon McBride and Malcolm Doig and this was followed by a fantastic morning tea which the riders voted to be the best morning tea en route. We were lucky enough to again have our Youth Focus Counsellor at the school, Tessa, who only the day before had also greeted us at Collie Snr High School where Youth Focus also work with the students. It was great to have our counsellors support across both route A and B.

We had a good run into Mandurah with the historical eating of the pies and drinking of coke - certainly something that has become a tradition and route B was lucky enough to have the famous Pinjarra patisserie enroute for pick up by the support crew and delivery to a not so picturesque metal dump. Cliffy was last seen sitting on top of the pile of blue metal contemplating which would be his next second or third pie - was it to be satay was it to be potato pie or just plain meat pie seemed to be the question!!!

Then it was off to a new school - Foundation Christian College in Mandurah with our famous couple, the Sutherlands, delivering a unique and thought provoking presentation. The hall filled up with students and teachers after a rousing welcome along the driveway into the school. What a delightful school it turned out to be - our counsellor Courtney was there also to welcome us - the students were a delight, engaged, respectful, excited and just a great to be around - I know they will welcome us back there again next year and we all felt the same aura about this campus so we will certainly be returning in 2013.

We then turned our attention to maneuvering our way though the traffic hazards to get to our lovely waterfront accommodation and meeting our other friends from Route A. On arrival the accommodation was well sorted and the staff very organized for the deluge of 130 of us all wanting showers and a get together with our mates.

The dinner at Catch 22, also on the waterfront, was a lovely choice of restaurant and all enjoyed the food, wine and camaraderie with each other. The winning of the jerseys was King of the Mountain Mark Pugsley, Strongman Doug Sisson and the inevitable Poona Belinda Lonsdale.

As we had to do everything by two for Routes A and B some of the formalities probably took too long and next year we will try to streamline some of the double ups on the last night. However a great time was had by all and people felt relaxed, relieved at having done the hard klms and happy to see their friends.

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